Friday, July 11, 2008

Full Color Pastel Larry

Here's full color pastel drawing of Larry.

Two Color Pastel Self Portrait

Not a new work, but there we go. two tone pastel drawing of...myself.

zeppline and planes

I did it a while ago. I love planes and zepplins in that era.

Old planes


I found a picture I took in 97 in Europe. I'm pretty sure it was taken in Germany. There's something about old dolls and planes. I am in love with them

Friday, April 11, 2008

Talent Show


Produced at Ringling Schol of Art and Deisgn, 2005

story, concept, design, modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, editing done by Yusun Chung

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Play Razzle

here's one of animations I worked on Sims 2 pets.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thesis Stills

This is how my thesis ended up looking like. Ian gave me some good direction when I started lighting. I'm glad I have such a talented friend. I ended up not doing too much compositing work. This is pretty much how it looks like when rendered in Maya. Maybe I could've used some film grain? Film grain is used way too much everywhere, though.

Lighting Project

This was a lighting project I did in my junior year, you pick a still image and model, texture and light to mimic that image. I picked a still from a movie 'the vertical ray of the sun'. I liked the color and the texture of the scene. It looked challenging to get that 'run down', 'lived in', and 'used' feel to it in CG.
This project used about 30 spot lights. Later while working on my thesis, I found a way to light a scene a little more efficiently.
People ask where did those people go. Well, they went outside for a bit :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

ocean beach

One day at the Ocean Beach. My friend Geesun inspired me to take pictures that day. We took way too many pictures.

Marquette: Clown mom and her baby

It is made with sculpy, then painted with acrylic painting. This marquette got in the Best of Ringling.
The only thing I wish I had changed is the way of applying the paint on the sculpy. It could have been nice if it had more transparent look to it, but oh well, I think it has its own style.

Marquette: Clown mom and her baby

Marquette: Clown mom and her baby

These guys had their little stories. In this clown village, kids are born with bright orange curly hair. That's what defines them... Whoever is not, is doomed to execusion. When this baby was born, mom had to hide his head with a hat.
People found out anyway, and now she's on the run....

My eyes

There were some good times in the Ringling days when I was working as a 'computer lab monitor'. Basically I just had to be there for four or five hours. I brought in my painting gears and painted in the library buidling. And got paid. What a great job I had.
Now I heard they actually have to work and do rounds 8)

Long Pose

It was a long pose drawing. The class ran three hours including time to set up and breaks and critique.

I had been doing alot of quick sketches and alla prima paintings and wanted to do something more refined.

I think this guys used to sell Bob Marley t shirts and scented oils on campus then recuited to be a clothed model for our class :)