Saturday, October 20, 2012

The year of Atelier

 On the seventh year of my career as a working artist at a video game company, I faced an imaginary mirror and asked myself a question. What is the imperative in the make up of my happiness? Out of the bare honesty, three answers came out, and one of them was very simple:
Art: drawing and painting for the sake of it. 

Since somewhere around 2003, I have had strong desire to 'just paint', but there was no time in my life that I could actually be serious about drawing for the sake of it. It looked like luxury to me. I had to learn how to animate first, then get a decent job, then move up the chain like everybody else.
In the time and where I live, it seems almost too silly not to pursue being an entrepreneur and be rich already: 'Sucess' is within an arm reach! You can draw as a hobby!
I love what entrepreneurs do. It makes sense to me. That is the reason why we educate ourselves: coming up with ideas, developing, communicating, collaborating, planning, executing, problem-solving, and finally, publishing them. It is a work of art indeed.
What I can't explain is why I want to 'just draw and paint' Where did it come from and why do I want to? Shouldn't I be studying business instead of drawing at this point of my life? Honestly, I don't have an answer for that. I only know that it makes my heart pound, and coming one small step closer to exellency shakes me with a whale of joy.
I finally decided to be serious about drawing and signed up at an Atelier. I will continue to draw, and when I'm ready, move on to painting. At this time though, with the best seriousness I can have.