Monday, October 21, 2013

Digital Painting from observation

These are my first digital paintings. I struggled with the use of brush strokes on the first one. Then I learned to use different brushes and tried painting with 100% opacity on the second one.
The first one was to show the diffused light setting and the second, rim lighting

Master Copy - Richard Schmid "Skagway Trawler"

I am studying overcast lighting these days and this is what I chose to do a master copy of in order to learn the use of light and color under that weather circumstances. I really like this painting. It's loose but all the focus is in the right places. I realized that the way that Richard Schmid makes the loose painting look so crisp is by the choice colors and the edges.

The local colors are all there, but with a hint of yellow orcher and the purples.

It took me nine hours.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Painting from Observation

I'm going to do lots of study from now on, and here's my first two. I did three, but I didn't like one of them at all.