Sunday, May 4, 2014

Connection and Passion

I had some thoughts while roaming around the Legion of Honor the other day. Oil paintings are pretty much buck naked. It is a very intimate form of art, as it shows not only the mastery, but also all mistakes and flaws in the most honest sense. It lets you feel the presence of the painter as if he is right there in the same space with you. Naturally, if he speaks the same artistic language as you, you connect with him regardless of time and space.

I pretty much sit down and think about what makes me genuinely happy every once in a while. Sometimes it arises above the surface, and when it does, I don't question why it makes me happy. Instead I just go for it. It seems like in this modern times, people tend to formulate and label everything, then come up with educational method to learn them as skills. I like that idea very much. Yet, there is one thing that I know that I cannot learn how to have, and that is passion.

Sketch from the cruise

I went on a cruise with my parents, and it was wonderful. I spent some time doing some sketches focusing on material rendering